The memorandum of the Caucasian Independence Committee to the Tripartite Council

  • 25/07/2023
This week in the history of the Caucasus...

For the representatives of the Caucasian Republics in exile to carry out more concrete and large-scale works, the Caucasian Independence Committee was established in Istanbul in June 1926, with the support of the Polish statesmen for the anti-Soviet struggle. The members of the Committee sent a memorandum to the diplomatic representatives of the Caucasian Governments in exile, which has also been known as the Tripartite Council, in Paris on August 1, 1926, informing them about the establishment of the Committee and the joint work it would run with the Council:

To the Diplomatic Representatives of

Republics of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and North Caucasus

Your Excellencies

Messrs. Toptchibacheff, A. Tchenkeli and A. Tchermoeff


The community of interests of the peoples of the Caucasus in the struggle they are waging for their liberation from foreign yoke as well as in the defense of their sovereignty in the future has led all their political organizations and their parties to the necessity of unifying their efforts and agreeing their joint action. For this purpose, on July 15, in Constantinople, they set up a Committee for the Independence of the Caucasus, which in its fundamental statute decided that all diplomatic work in the West should be entrusted to the Council of Three. To ensure unity of action between this Council of Three and the Committee, the latter, in its statute, envisages the appointment of three advisers to Your Excellencies. It is to be desired that our Independence Committee and your Council, both of which are the directing organs of the liberation of the Caucasus, will be able to utilize all the conditions and possibilities which assure the success of our cause.

Fully confident in your diplomatic action, the Independence Committee expresses its conviction that the Council of Three will set to work without delay and that success will crown these efforts.

In anticipation of this happy moment, the Independence Committee begs Your Excellencies to accept the assurances of its highest consideration.

Constantinople, August 1, 1926.

The Caucasian Independence Committee:

Dr. Kh. Soultanzade             S. Schamyl

M. Vekilli                            A. Kantemir

N. Magalashvili

But things did not develop as planned. Encouraged by the support of Polish statesmen, Georgian Mensheviks, and Azerbaijani Musavatists together with a North Caucasian group from the circles of Said Shamil divided the anti-Soviet movement of the Caucasian Political Immigration movement into fractions by manipulating the work of the Committee. They aimed to gain control over the funds allocated by the Polish government for the anti-Bolshevik struggle. The group’s aggressive attitude towards the National-Democrats and Federalist émigré groups considerably weakened the émigré movement for the liberation of the Caucasus.

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Istanbul, 25 July 2023